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Discworld player help



helpers - See which players online are newbie helpers.


helpers in <guild>
helpers <name>
helpers admin


This command lists the online newbie helpers. You can also specify a specific guild, to list just newbie helpers in that guild. It can also be used to test if someone who is not logged on at the moment is a newbie helper.

You can list the current administrators of the newbiehelpers system by typing 'helpers admin'. Any complaints or compliments can be mailed to these people.


> helpers
Newbie helpers currently logged on:
Assassins: Ukko.
Priests: -
Thieves: TerrysAlt.
Warriors: -
Witches: Jelena.
Wizards: -

If there are no helpers from your guild available, another helper will be happy to assist you.

> helpers in priests
Mental is the only priest newbie helper logged on at the moment.

> helpers ibblek
Ibblek is a newbie helper.

See also

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