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The talker is a wonderful object that lets you communicate with people all over the Disc. You can chat messages into the talker and everyone on the channel you are talking on (and who isn't ignoring you) will hear it.

There are various methods of obtaining a talker. One is by buying one or exchanging a voucher for one from a nearby shop:

Ankh-MorporkThe magic shop on Filigree Street
Jorodin's on Short Street
Krazzander's on Cockbill Street
Bes PelargicThe shop opposite the Paper Dragon Inn on Rhinu Road
DjelibeybiThe tent on the east side of the bazaar
Genua CityHeroic Endeavours in the city market
EphebeA man called Alethelegeios, who can be found on the south pier of Ephebe.
Il DrimThe general store
LancreThe general store
Ohulan-CutashOne of the market stalls
Sto LatThe Royal Market

Different places use different items as their talker. In Ankh Morpork, you get a bracelet. In Sto Lat, you get a wooden cabbage. In Bes Pelargic, you get a golden lemur. In Djelibeybi and Il Drim, you get a scarab ring. In Genua, you get a withered ear. And in Ohulan-Cutash and Lancre, you get a wooden ring.

Talker configuration

For the following commands don't type chat in front. If you type "chat talker list" you probably won't get what you wanted, everyone else will hear you chat "talker list" and people will grin at you a lot.

talker helpGives a shorter and less detailed help file.
talker onTurns your talker on so you can hear and send messages. Also lets you then change channels.
talker offTurns your talker off so you don't get any messages. Useful if you want some peace and quiet.
talker brief/verboseThese change how you see the talker messages from others. Brief makes the messages short and verbose makes them longer but the basic message stays the same in either form.
talker channelsShows you what channels you can be on and what channels you are currently on. What channels are available to you depends on who you are and what you have done. Channel "one" is available to everyone and is
generally the most popular but there are other channels for guilds, religions, organisations and other things.
talker (channel)This lets you listen to and chat on (channel name). You must type the channel name as it's shown on "talker channels", e.g. "talker wizards".
talker delete (channel)Takes you off (channel). You have to use the channel name as it's shown on talker channels here too.
e.g. "talker delete priests" or "talker delete one".
talker listShows who has a talker and what channels they are on. Anyone shown as (asleep) has their talker off.
talker history (channel)Shows you the last few chats on a channel. Once again you must type the channel name with capitals if "talker channels" has it that way.
talker echo on/offTurn the local echo on or off. If it's "on" you can see your own chats.
talker colour onTurns colour support on for your talker.
talker colour offTurns colour support off for your talker.
talker colour resetResets talker colours to their default settings.
talker colour (channel) (colour)Sets a channel to a specific colour. You need to have set your terminal to support colour for this to work though. See "help term". The colour parameter specifies what colour the channel will be. Valid colours are magenta, red, yellow, green, blue, cyan and white. You can also use bold to make the colour bold. The channel name "default" is used to set the colour for any other channels you have.
talker alias add <chan> as <alias>Give the channel an alias.
talker alias delete <alias>Delete a channel alias.
talker alias listShow all your current channel aliases.
talker (channel) prompt on/offWill turn the prefix ID of the talker channel on/off (e. g. on: (one) Feantur wisps: Ook!, off: Feantur wisps: Ook!).


These commands are for sending messages and don't have talker in front. The channel name you type is in the aliased name or the real name if you have no alias:

(channel) (message)Type the channel name in *lower case* to send a message to everyone on that channel. You need to be on a channel before you can talk on it. e.g. Froggy types "two I am a blue frog!" Everyone else will see - (Two) Froggy's wispy voice comes from the bracelet saying : I am a blue frog!
chat (message)Will send (message) to channel one if you are on it.
chat :(emote)Will send (emote) to the channel. e.g. Froggy types "chat :is a blue frog!" Everyone else will see - (one) Froggy wisps that he is a blue frog!
(channel) :(emote)Will send (emote) to the channel. e.g. Froggy types "two :is a blue frog!" Everyone else will see - (Two) Froggy wisps that he is a blue frog!

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