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Discworld player help



ignore - ignore someone


ignore [add] <player> for <hours> [hours] because <reason>
ignore [add] <player> for <hours> [hours]
ignore [add] <player> because <reason>
ignore delete <player>
ignore [add] <player>
ignore brief
ignore verbose
ignore list
ignore cleanup
unignore <name>


Ignore allows you to block all communication from a player or selected NPCs. Unignore will remove someone from your ignore list and ignore on its own will tell you who you are currently ignoring. 'unignore all' will stop you ignoring anyone.

You can specify a tag on the person you are ignoring so you know why you are ignoring them. You can also specify a number of hours the ignore will last for, so you can ignore some temporarily for some reason. The ignore cleanup command will go through you ignore list and delete anyone that no longer exists.

The option to ignore a player is intended to provide temporary relief from harassment and other inappropriate behaviour until such time as a liaison can deal more appropriately with the problem. It is not intended to make anyone disappear from the game.


> ignore pinkfish
You are now ignoring Pinkfish.

> ignore pinkfish for 2 hours
You are now ignoring Pinkfish for 2 hours.

> ignore pinkfish because he smells
You are now ignoring Pinkfish because he smells.

> unignore pinkfish
Pinkfish has been removed from your list of ignored players.

> ignore
You are not ignoring anyone.

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