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Discworld player help



give - Give an object to someone.


give <string> to <living>
give accept <things> from <living>
give reject <things> from <living>


This command allows you to give an item to another player or to an npc. You can control if you automatically accept the items being given to you using the give options. If you set the give options to not automatically accept items then any item given to you requires you to accept the give.

You will have 'unkeep' or 'remove' things you are keeping or wearing before being able to pass them on.


> give cane to ceres
You give a forest green cane to Ceres.
> options auto give autoaccept = off
> give accept cane from pinkfish
> give reject coffee table from danbala

See also

accept, get, offer, put, take, keep, unkeep, remove