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allocate - allocate skills to specific areas of the combat tree


allocate skills


This command will allow you to allocate your old non-primary combat skills into the new combat tree. You can only do this once, so be careful. In essence it is similar to a rearrange, but for skills.

A saved melee skill can be mapped to any melee skill with zero levels, and any other fighting skill can be mapped to any non-melee fighting skill with zero levels. Your guild primaries are automagically mapped for you, and the allocate command deals with those skills which are not primaries.

For example, you can allocate your old skills from fighting.combat.melee.blunt to:

fighting.melee.axe, fighting.melee.dagger, fighting.melee.flail, fighting.melee.heavy-sword, fighting.melee.mace, fighting.melee.misc, fighting.melee.polearm and fighting.melee.sword.

You will be asked at the end of your decision if you wish to go ahead with it:

Selection complete. You have chosen to map your skills as follows: fighting.combat.dodging.range -> fighting.range.bow fighting.combat.melee.blunt -> fighting.melee.axe fighting.combat.melee.pierce -> fighting.melee.flail -> fighting.melee.polearm fighting.combat.parry.range -> fighting.unarmed.grappling Is this correct?(y/n)

If you choose 'y'es, there is no going back. This means that if you make the wrong decision, you cannot change what has been done.

NOTE: Use this command with caution. Get a feel for what you want your character to be like before making this decision. Don't wait too long however, as if you don't allocate very soon, and advance or TM a skill in the new tree, then you will be unable to allocate to it.

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