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Discworld player help



rearrange - Rearrange your stats.




You will be allowed once during your character's life to modify the stats that you start with. Stats take the range of 8 to 23. You can make your stats what you want them to be by typing rearrange and following the instructions. The idea of this command is to make your character what you want it to be. You should also read the help on stats to find out what each of them does.

Don't play with this until you have decided what you want your character to be like. You do not need to rearrange your stats very early on in the game, so spend some time playing with your character and getting the feel of how things work before you make a decision about how you wish to set your stats.


While you will only ever get one chance to rearrange, there are a number of NPCs around the Disc, known as retrophrenologists, who will let you move one stat point at a time - but this comes at a price.

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