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The level of interaction between players on Discworld is controlled by the status of 'player killer'. By default players are not player killers which means that other players cannot kill them, steal from them, loot money from their corpse or place contracts on them at the assassins guild.

Players who wish to do these things must apply to be player killers using the 'apply' command. Once registered they will be able to do these things to (and have these things done to them by) other player killers.

Once you have decided to be a player killer, there is no turning back. To emphasise this again, there is no turning back ever.

Before Applying

1.Playerkilling is for life. Once you register, there is no turning back.
2.Being a playerkiller means interacting with other players at the highest level possible in the game. Such interaction may involve killing, stealing, looting money and certain items from corpses, placing and being the target of contracts, and so forth. When you register to become a killer, you accept that these events can and will happen to you.
3.Playerkillers have general behaviour guidelines that you should follow. It is NOT okay to use your playerkiller status to continually harass other killers. Doing so may result in punishment - from Guild leaders or from Creators.
4.If another playerkiller harasses you, you should approach Guild leaders, player councils (and creators if necessary) in order to resolve the issue. Since being a playerkiller revolves around player interaction, it is suggested that where possible, such problems should be dealt with using the resources made available to players such as Guild leaders.


When you graduate from the Assassins' Guild, you automatically become a player killer.


Becoming a player killer indicates your willingness to engage in this level of player interaction. However, it is not an indication by others that they are prepared to be harassed. Discworld player killing is not an 'anything goes' system, you are expected to continue to behave in a reasonable manner, and others are expected to behave that way towards you.

Death Is Relative

Playerkilling involves various ways to die. That includes some ways which do not reduce the lives you have left, while some others are as final a death as you can get one. Most certainly those that pay good money for a timely demise will require the dying to be rather pointedly nailed into you.

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