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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Foolish Ventures, posted on Sat Dec 9 15:24:27 2023
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: Am (domain pages)
Members of the Guild of Fools can now be spotted wandering the streets of Ankh-Morpork.

Outstanding Contribution To The Historical Process, posted on Wed Oct 11 20:47:00 2023
Posted by: Thoreksken
Category: Am (domain pages)
The latest bugfix weekend focused on issues inside Ankh-Morpork (though some of the fixes will extend beyond its borders).

Kadath, Kake, and Guildenstern made several outstanding contributions to recitif long-standing issues.

Most noteworthy are the following fixes:

- The Master of Ceremonies quest can now be completed by Adventurers. Clarifications to indicate the roles of Adventurers and Fools have been made.

- Setting off a trap in the haunted mansion will give more helpful feedback to tho...

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Dead Letter Update, Part III, posted on Mon Mar 27 12:02:23 2023
Posted by: Fran
Category: Am (domain pages)
The vague address letters for delivery in Djelibeybi, Ephebe and Genua have been updated to work with the recent skill update.



Festive Frolicks Are For Life, Not Just For Hogswatch, posted on Mon Dec 19 20:32:22 2022
Posted by: Evensong
Category: Am (domain pages) and Guilds
Anticipating an influx of Holiday weddings the Guild of Fools and Joculators have revamped their Chapel of Fun. Brother Whopply has been subjected to all the puns from the talker during the last couple of months whilst being beaten with an assortment of bladders and has agreed to perform marriages if only he doesn't have to listen to any more puns.

Furniture has been rearranged, ancient artifacts have been restored and they've even put fresh hay down on the floor. Head on over (with or witho...

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Passing By And Thought I'd Drop In, posted on Fri Oct 21 13:49:43 2022
Posted by: Kake
Category: Am (domain pages)
A new restaurant has opened on Fast Street. Its proprietor and her wife are keen to share the joys of chaat - a category of Bharatri snack food that combines crunch, tang, sweetness and saltiness - with the residents of Ankh-Morpork, so make sure to take your friends and a good appetite along with you!

AM Parks Spawns, posted on Sun Jul 3 13:17:00 2022
Posted by: Fran
Category: Am (domain pages)
Some parks in Ankh-Morpork were not spawning NPCs properly, affecting some sausage missions.

This has been fixed.

Subtle Shift In Emphasis, posted on Sat Nov 6 13:48:09 2021
Posted by: Kake
Category: Am (domain pages)
The names of the jobs at the Ankh-Morpork job market are now fully gender-neutral.

Partial Photic Boundary, posted on Fri May 7 18:56:13 2021
Posted by: Kake
Category: Am (domain pages)
Having found a new supplier of coloured glass, Seymour Convecks of Cheesemongers Yard has expanded his range of tinted sunglasses.

(If you had an existing pair of tinted sunglasses, you may find when you next log in that their colour has changed. This was an unavoidable side-effect of the change above. If you dislike the new colour, please contact a liaison to get them set back to the colour they were before.)

Footing The Ball, posted on Sun May 2 16:17:30 2021
Posted by: Capita
Category: Am (domain pages)
A new shop has opened up on the Street of Cunning Artificers.

Sad Dragons., posted on Fri Mar 5 19:29:06 2021
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Am (domain pages)
The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons has become concerned about the number of dragons being abandoned around the Disc without their owners.

Swamp dragons appear to also be saddened by being abandoned - they have recently been spotted wandering around looking for affection from their absentee owners.

P.S. Another change to swamp dragons will be coming in the next few days, which will make them actually do something vaguely useful.



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