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Discworld room help



stable - a place for your transports to call home


list {horses|camels|...}
list {all|stabled|for sale} {horses|camels|...}
list {all|stabled|for sale}

view <transport>
buy <transport>

cost [to] stable <transport>
cost [to] collect <transport name>

stable <transport>
collect <transport name>


This is a room help file.

The stables provide two valuable services:

Buying transports

Some stables will only deal in certain types of transports, as shown by the 'list' command. You can either list the transports for sale, the ones you currently have stabled there or all transports available to you. Typing 'list' without specifying will have the owner listing those transports that are for sale.

If the name of a transport takes your fancy, you can 'view' it for a closer look. Viewing a transport will also tell you how much it will cost to buy.

Stabling transports

Once you own a transport of your own, you might find there are times you want to gallivant around the disc without it. You may yearn for the simple freedom only found when striding out on your own two feet. You may just be tired of the smell. Whatever drives you to this decision, there will always be a stable happy to look after your transport while you're away.

The stables charge a certain amount for a period of stabling; you can found out how much it is, and how long this period is, by using the first 'cost' syntax.

The owner of the stables will not charge you a penny until you come to collect your transport once more. At this point, to save any embarassment, you can find out how much you owe using the second 'cost' syntax. Once you have the funds available, just 'collect' your transport by name.


Buying a transport

> list camels
> view smelly camel
> buy smelly camel

Stabling a transport

> cost to stable Silver
> stable Silver

Collecting a transport

> list stabled horses
> cost to collect Silver
> collect Silver

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