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player housing

Discworld room help

player housing


player house - the player housing room


allow list
allow <person> [house]
deny <person> [house]
place help
place help <furniture>
place <furniture> {near|at|from|on|beside|against|in} the <location>
place <furniture> so it is <verb> {near|at|from|on|beside|against|in} the <location>
displace <furniture>
label [this room] list options
label [this room] reset to default
label [this room] as <name>


Player houses are properties that can be rented by bidding at a real estate agent in a town or city. The owner of the house can then decorate the place with furniture purchased at a furniture store.

The system allows you to place and displace furniture in the room, decorate the walls, floor and ceiling and also change the locks.

Only people which are allowed to place and displace the furniture may do so.

Allow and Deny

The allow and deny commands enable the home owner to control who is permitted to make changes to their home. These commands typically work on a per-room basis, however if you are in the main room of the house (usually the one just inside the front door) the commands take an extra parameter and thus enable you to authorise people to control any room in the house.

Note that a character no longer needs to be present in order to be allowed to control a room.


Placing furniture is, by its very nature, somewhat complicated. Using the 'place help <item>' command can assist by telling you the options that are available for a given piece of furniture.


The label command allows you to rename a room, eg a "living room" could become a "parlour". The "label list options" syntax shows the options, the "label reset" syntax resets the label to its original and the "label as" actually changes the label.


> allow list
You are allowed to control this room.

> allow allana
Allana is allowed to control this room.

> place couch against the east wall
You place the couch so that it is against the east wall.

> place painting so it is lying against the west wall
You place the painting so that it is lying against the west wall.

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