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Treasure Chest

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Treasure Chest


Treasure Chest - an item to organise treasure hunts!


cache <chest>
glue <paper> into <chest>
set password <text> for <chest>
reset password for <chest>
speak <password> to <chest>
dig for treasure


Treasure chests are magical items which can be used to store various small objects, and which will remain in the ground for up to a week (even over reboots) if you "cache" them. To do this, you need to have a suitable shovel. Only the person who originally bought the chest can cache it.

Anyone with a suitable shovel can dig up the chest using the command "dig for treasure", assuming they can find its location. However, only the owner can take the chest away from the location where it was originally cached. If dug up by anyone else, the chest will automatically rebury itself after a few minutes, or when it is closed. While it is in the ground, it will also be saved over reboots (but it will not be saved if it was dug up at the time of a reboot).

Once the chest has been cached for the first time, it will start rotting away slowly; once fully rotted, the chest cannot be recovered anymore, nor can any of the items in it. When it is not in the ground anymore, it will still lose condition, but more slowly.

Extra Options

To give information to whomever digs up the chest, you can glue a piece of paper with instructions into the lid. Be careful, because you can only do this once!

By default, the chest can be opened normally. However, to stop people not in the know from opening the chest and plundering its contents, you can set it to remember a password; once that is done, the only way to open the chest is by speaking that password. Closing still works the normal way.

Anyone who finds a treasure chest will be able to identify the owner by the fingerprints on it. If a chest has no fingerprints, then it's probably yours!

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