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Discworld character help



pet - A little individual who follows you through life


detail [my] pets
consign pet named <string> <number> to history
consign pet named <string> to history
consign all [my] pets to history
ask <pet> to remove <object>
ask <pet> to drop <object>
ask <pet> to wear <object>
transfer ownership of <pet> to <living>


This is a character help file.

Remember - a pet is for life, not just for Hogswatch.

You can play with your pet in various ways, they respond to some commands, although not always as you might expect. You can also pick up your pet and carry it around, assuming you are strong enough.

They will also respond to their owners voice asking them to stay and come.

Detail and Consign

The detail and consign commands allow you to check which pets you currently have, and the ability to consign your pets to be free of their attachment to you if you no longer want them.

Detail will give you a listing of the names of your pets.

Consign offers three options of consigning, or releasing, your pets so that they no longer follow you around or think you are their owner. You can consign them individually or all at once.


You can ask your pet to do certain things. All pets can be asked to wear, remove, and drop clothing. However, they can only wear clothing specially adapted for pets.

Note: Pet rats can also be asked to ride on your shoulders or to walk on the ground.


If you no longer want your pet, but do not want to consign it and would rather give it to a friend, you can use the transfer command. Using this command allows you to pass ownership of the pet onto someone else. This does not work for moon dragons.


> detail my pets
You are remembering the following pets: hoppit.
You take on the look of someone being mugged on Memory Lane.

> consign pet named hoppit to history
You let the details of hoppit fade into the mists of time.
You take on an air of intent forgetfulness.

> ask rabbit to wear costume
The cute fluffy rabbit wears a silly bee costume.
You ask the cute fluffy rabbit something.

> transfer ownership of hoppit to arwynies
You transfer your ownership of the cute fluffy rabbit to Arwynies.

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