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musical instrument

Discworld player help

musical instrument


musical instrument - allows you to make beautiful music


tune <object>
play <object>
play <string> on <object>
play music on <object> from <object>
serenade <living> with <string> on <object>
serenade <living> on <object>
perform solo on <object>
strum <object>


You can use musical instruments to play music and serenade others. Some instruments can be used to perform a solo, some can be strummed and some need to be tuned before use. Your skill with that particular type of instrument (for example, will determine how well you use it.


> tune banjo
You tune your banjo.

> play bongo
You skillfully play an exciting and complicted rhythm on your bongo drum.

> play the Hedgehog Song on harmonica
You play the Hedgehog Song on your harmonica.

> play music on recorder from primer
You skillfully play an upbeat version of Three Blind Mice on your wooden
recorder while glancing at your open recorder primer.

> serenade womble on guitar
You skillfully serenade Womble with a moving melody on your acoustic guitar.

> serenade womble with a romantic love ballad on pipe
You serenade Womble with a romantic love ballad on your panpipe.

> perform solo on saxophone
You delicately perform an inspired solo on your tenor saxophone.

> strum guitar
You strum a sequence of chords on your acoustic guitar.