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horse armour

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camel armour


mount armour - keep your mount slightly safer


put <armour> on my mount
restyle <armour>
refit <armour> to <mount>


You can put armour on your mount to give it more protection from attacks, at the cost of increasing its burden and having to repair the armour.

There are five armour pieces:
the shaffron, which protects the head;
the crinet, which protects the neck;
the peytral, which protects the chest;
the flanchards, which protect the stomach;
and the crupper, which protects the back, lower back, and tail.

Horses can (and must) wear horseshoes, which protect their hooves but don't count for the set bonus.

Mount armour can be refitted in a smithy to be wearable by a different type of mount - for example, camels rather than horses. It can also be restyled, also in a smithy, to change its style to a different style at random, but this has a chance to fail and destroy the armour piece. More skill in reduces this chance, but never to zero.

Wearing a set of five armour pieces that are all of the same style grants a set bonus: some extra protection over the mount's entire body - including the areas that are not covered by the armour.

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