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false nose

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prosthetic nose


false nose - replace your missing nose with a more fashionable substitute


glue <nose> {onto|to} my face
unglue nose


If you've gotten on the wrong side of a witch before, you might have found yourself missing a nose. Now, you won't have to worry about that*! Simply glue a false nose, made from one of a wide variety of metals** and studded with custom-ordered gems, over the gaping hole in your face and call it a day.

*That is, you'll have worse things to worry about. Witches can be nasty.
**Some of which are safer to glue to your face than others.


> glue bronze nose onto my face
You quickly apply some glue from the provided tube to the bronze false nose, then paste it onto your face where your nose should be.
You could probably unglue it if you changed your mind.
> l mirror
You look into the mirror.
You see De Capita.
She has a bronze false nose glued to her face.
> unglue nose
Hp: 1440 (1530) Gp: 220 (220) Xp: 305728
With some difficulty, you pull the bronze false nose off your face, along with some of your skin.

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