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creator card

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creator card


creator card - a collectible trading card


These are small cards with a description of a creator on them. You can collect them, throw them away, dump them into the depths of your backpack never to be seen again, or do whatever you like with them. You can also trade them with other players, if they're interested.

Creator cards are not all the same - cards representing Trustees and Directors are different to cards representing other creators. Cards also have a small chance of being special in other ways.

There are a number of ways besides trading to expand your collection of creator cards, which will not be revealed here as that wouldn't be any fun. Collect them all! Amaze your friends!


> look card
This is a creator collector card. It has a silver border around the edge and a small picture of Dogbolter on it. This is Dogbolter, Lord of Underworld. Hairy and a bit loose at the seams, surrounded by empty bottles, he appears fairly content.


Creators may not sign cards for players. Doing so is against the creator/player interaction policy. See help rules for more information.

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