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describe - set your description


describe clear
describe edit
describe main <description>
describe zone {face|hair|abdomen|head|feet|back|hands|chest|legs|arms|neck} clear
describe zone {face|hair|abdomen|head|feet|back|hands|chest|legs|arms|neck} <description>
describe zone covered {face|hair|abdomen|head|feet|back|hands|chest|legs|arms|neck} clear
describe zone covered {face|hair|abdomen|head|feet|back|hands|chest|legs|arms|neck} <description>
describe main pronoun {on|off}
describe zones clear


The describe command is used to put a line about you in your long description that players see when they look at you. It is also used in your reference.

In the zone descriptions the use of the $NEW_LINE$ will insert a newline into the output while $OBJECTS$ will insert the list of objects covering the specified zone (that can be seen).

"describe" with no parameters will print your current description.

"describe clear" will clear your description.

"describe zones clear" will clear your zones' descriptions.

"describe edit" will drop you into the editor you have chosen and allows you to edit your description.

"describe main <description>" will change the main description that people see when looking at you.

"describe zone <body part>" will change the description of the body part specified, as listed in "syntax describe". This is dynamic, so if you e.g. wear gloves, the description for your hands won't be added to what people see when they look at you. In other words, if you wear nothing (you spry nudist you), all your zone descriptions will be displayed. This could be used to role-play having a tattoo, a scar, a birthmark or something else of interest on a specific body part, for instance.

To clear the description for a given body part, use "describe zone <body part> clear".

You can use the "covered" version of this to describe how your zone looks when it is covered by something. This lets you do things like describing your eyes when they are covered by a mask.

"describe main pronoun {on|off}" will change whether your description will start with either "She" or "He" automatically, effectively letting what you enter into e,g, "describe main <description>" start without a pronoun (if this option is turned off) or with a pronoun (if this option is on).

You can describe zones of your body which will allow the descriptions to be optionally displayed if those zones are covered with clothes or not. The zone descriptions are added together as if they are sentences, so if you do not use a complete (or multiple) sentence for your zone descriptions they will not look right.

In the zone descriptions (only here) if you put $NEW_LINE$ into the text it will be replaced with a new line. A main must be set before the zone descriptions will be shown.


> describe main is a burly looking man with a tattoo.

> describe
Usage: describe <string>
describe edit
describe clear
description reads : Turrican is a frog.

> describe clear
Description cleared.

> describe main pronoun on
> describe main looks fluffy.
For a guy this makes the description read: He looks fluffy.
For a girl, it will be: She looks fluffy.

> describe main pronoun off
> describe main This is a wizard if ever you saw one.
For a guy this make the description read: This is a wizard if ever you saw one.
For a girl, it will be: This is a wizard if ever you saw one.

> describe main He looks like a giant ape!
For a guy this makes the description read: He looks like a giant ape!
For a girl (yes, the first word is "He" in this case!), it will be: He looks like a giant ape!

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