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Bug replies

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Bug replies


bug replies - the system for dealing with replies to bug/idea/typo reports


bug replies


The bug replies system handles displaying and replying to all the bug replies separate from the mail system. The menu has a few possible commands, they are: 'h' print the help, 'r' reply to the message, 'd' delete the message, 'u' undelete the message, 'n' to mark a message as being new again, 'l' to list the messages and 'q' quit the system.

If you press return at the prompt it will try and read the next unread note by default. To display a particular bug reply, just type its number.

The 'n', 'u' and 'd' commands can take a range so you can type in 1-3 to delete the messages from position 1 to position 3.

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