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blogging viewer


blog view <blog> last <number>
blog view <blog> entry <number>
blog view <blog> category <category>
blog view <blog>


The blog command is used to view entries on any of the creator blogs (currently "recent developments" and "mud commentary").

Blog view allows you to see all the posts that have been made to a blog. Viewing the last entries will give you the specified number in descending order of date. You can view the entries in a particular category using the category syntax.

If you want to read the full entry, you can use the 'blog view entry' syntax.


> blog view recent developments last 10

[132] : Feint And Abscond
[131] : Greetings 2 U
[130] : Combat, Briefly
[129] : Generally Concise
[128] : Spell Fixes
[127] : Achievements Syntax
[126] : Moonlit Market Item Restrictions
[125] : Go On, Don't 'ave A Drink Wif Me
[124] : Evasion
[123] : PK Ladder: More Targets!
[121] : Never Too Early To Plan For The Future

> blog view recent developments category general

[131] : Greetings 2 U
[127] : Achievements Syntax
[124] : Evasion
[118] : Withdrawal Symptoms
[117] : Teaching
[105] : Greeter Imps
[101] : Top Ten Tables

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