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advance - Skill advancement


advance <skill> [by <num>] [to <num>]


This is the command used to advance your skills. This command will only work in certain rooms in your guild, these rooms should be obvious. In these rooms the command 'cost' can be used to show you how much advancing certain skills will be. You can also learn skills off other players, they can teach you skills without costing you money (learning skills in a guild will cost money and experience).

This command is used to increase your ability at certain skills using experience you have gained through adventuring. Another method of advancing your skills is the Task Master system, which will automatically advance your skills as you use them.

You can advance your skills by a certain number of levels or to a certain level (assuming you have enough experience points of course). If you do not specify which level you are advancing to or a number to advance by, it assumes you are advancing by 1 level.

Skills are represented in a tree, the top levels being things like 'fighting', 'covert'... Under these skills are sub skills, like 'fighting.melee', the sub skill is separated from its parent by a '.'. So 'fighting.melee.dagger' is the skill with daggers in the melee subtree in the fighting base tree. See the 'skills' command and the output of that for more information on skills and sub skills.

You can specify a skill based on best match, so you only partly specify the skill name, Eg: fi.p will expand to fighting.points.


> advance fighting
You advance your skill in fighting from 0 to 1.
> advance fighting by 2
You advance your skill in fighting from 1 to 3.
> advance fighting to 6
You advance your skill in fighting from 3 to 6.
> advance fighting.points
You advance your skill in fighting.points from 6 to 7.
> advance fi.po
You advance your skill in fighting.points from 7 to 8.

See also

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