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soul - The wonderful feelings thing.

Pinkfish's soul.

How to use (What can it do for you?):

The feeling or atmosphere commands that you use, like smile and so on come from your soul. The soul used on this mud is different to most others you will have come across. Below are a few examples of what you can do with this soul.

> smile happily at furball
You smile happily at furball.
> smile w at furball
You smile wryly at furball
> shake hands with furball
You shake hands with furball
> shake hands furball
You shake hands with furball.

The above are a few examples of what can be done with the soul. The usage of the command (i.e. whether you use and at or a with or whatever... well, just use what seems right... It should work) To see what soul commands are available to you at any given time type

> look soul
Here are the commands in this hoopy soul.
smile cry poke
<complete list of souls omitted in this helpfile>

You can also see the current list of soul commands on the Discworld website and the URL is:

Any of the soul commands displayed in the long list have help available for them. This help shows you all the valid methods of using the soul command and all the valid adverbs to the commands. To find the ways you can use a soul, try 'syntax <soul command>' or 'help <soul command>'.

The first one of the options is the default. You can select the others by doing things like

> shake head
You shake your head.
> waggle eyebrows pinkfish
You waggle your eyebrows at Ms Pinkfish.

Womble on.


Sometimes soul commands may clash with other game commmands. If you're having a problem with this any soul can be preceded by the word 'soul'.

Correspondingly, if you find yourself wanting to use a game command that is also a soul, and the soul insists on taking precedence, you can prepend the command line with 'nosoul' to force it to use the game command only.


You can turn on and off the display of colours in souls directed at you using the command 'options output usercolour'. This allows you to choose if you wish to receive coloured souls or not. You can also set the colour of the souls you receive using 'options colour soul'.


> options colour soul = yellow
Set option colour soul to [yellow].

> options output usercolour = on
Set option output usercolour to on.

Idea reporting souls

If you find a missing command use the following command to get it added by someone who can.


idea soul <soul command>

See also

alias, help, historyAnd_FinallyPlease_be_aware_that_some_players_may_find_certain_souls_offensive_or_overly_intimate__Please_consider_whether_the_recipient_is_likely_to_object_to_the_gesture_before_using_commands_that_suggest_any_degree_of_physical_intimacy_with_another_player