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Shonkers was founded by Kimo in Ankh-Morpork

Welcome to Shonkers- a club for Shonky Shoppers, item hoarders, clothes horses, custom shop specialists, and collectors of all stripes, spots, and paisleys.
Looking for something rare? Have a delightful misorder from Nicolette that's too nice to fence? No more room in your vault(s)? Send us a tell to join today!
Please contact us for:
Obscure clothing trivia, rotating stock shop info, custom npc help, fashion advice, packrat cameraderie, and more.
Don't forget to check the club page on the wiki for updates and projects!
The members are:
Aberaven, Aidan, Akakia, Ancasi, Animaltamer, Arturos, Arturosii, Ashimi, Attorney, Beasteater, Blodeuyn, Blystyryng, Bonzolina, Calcifer, Chymode, Coldbrew, Dejones, Delphini, Delusion, Depthini, Derektavio, Earthwurm, Egon, Elauna, Eliza, Emily, Epiph, Eria, Erika, Eudora, Faiewyn, Frazyl, Gibi, Gillebride, Guildenstern, Haize, Hebley, Ikke, Ilde, Jaceth, Jerah, Kaaviel, Kethri, Khaybat, Kimo, Kirito, Krasimir, Kuzum, Lanfear, Leovar, Lily, Loquax, Lynxii, Lyrania, Maegrn, Majella, Malmedie, Marenna, Marlyn, Marya, Mrwolfie, Naleon, Natacha, Natalolly, Niiv, Noshoes, Novgorod, Ocelind, Okob, Onnastick, Ostro, Phabian, Proeliator, Psitian, Qiying, Quipsy, Ramelion, Rauna, Rechix, Releeh, Rhouben, Samtheman, Sancti, Saphira, Selene, Sevyn, Sidd, Siddney, Simula, Sly, Sora, Sqwyshii, Stamen, Starfunkel, Steve, Stray, Stryana, Talisker, Tally, Tegan, Temperance, Tikka, Trisha, Tyrieth, Venia, Vuniel, Wrathe, Xola, Yoga, Ysela, Yuta, Zhuangzi and Zorelian
The recruiters are:
Beasteater, Delphini, Eudora, Hebley, Kimo, Mrwolfie, Niiv, Noshoes, Ostro, Rauna, Venia, Ysela and Zorelian

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Tue Jan 18 12:32:09 2022