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Charm Chasers was founded by Persephone in Ankh-Morpork

 - * - Charm Chasers - * - 

Originally founded as "Charm Collectors & Traders" 
on the 29th June Prime, UC 2038 (June 19 2017rw), 
our club "Charm Chasers" still caters to anyone 
fascinated with the world of charms. 
    - Collectors -
Just can't get enough of those sparkly charms?
Need one of every shape in the same material?
Need one of every material in the same shape?

    - Traders -
Have you been digging through the layers in the charm shops and stalls and
 have duplicates you would like to exchange for other charms or coins?
Do you just have sticky fingers and want to share charms with someone 
 that will appreciate them more than the fences?

Join the Charm Chasers today!

New members receive a club badge and a charm bracelet filled with charms.
Your recruiter will provide the badge and the club president will mail your 
charm bracelet to you.
The members are:
Aberaven, Aerros, Angie, Asterion, Baralai, Beasteater, Blystyryng, Brim, Broldam, Charon, Damaar, Delphini, Dji, Doom, Egon, Emily, Fluff, Fraelin, Ganel, Geras, Grimace, Handstand, Henrey, Jiji, Kevren, Madrigal, New, Nienna, Oki, Ostro, Paracelsus, Persephone, Phantomracer, Pure, Rauna, Raywaen, Releeh, Riverphoenix, Shenandoah, Sommer, Sqwyshii, Stamen, Steve, Succubus, Sylfver, Thane, Tsuki, Twiddle, Uber, Wolphen and Yukiko
The recruiters are:
Aberaven, Asterion, Baralai, Beasteater, Broldam, Charon, Doom, Emily, Fluff, Fraelin, Henrey, Jiji, New, Nienna, Oki, Persephone, Phantomracer, Shenandoah, Succubus, Sylfver, Thane, Twiddle, Uber and Wolphen

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Tue Apr 11 13:05:53 2023