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Posted at Thu May 24 Title: Boring GDPR notice

It is almost may 25th and GDPR is almost on us - you know, that thing that
if you live in europe or deal with european companies has led to so many

It touches even us in a minor way. We have on file email addresses, names,
birthdays and locations - some of the might even be real - and this qualifies
as personal data. As a result we need to make a privacy statement.

The loose organisation that comprises DiscworldMud does not use the information
provided voluntarily in your finger information for any other purpose than
internal administrative use such as password resets. The information is not
passed on to any third party whatsoever nor is it used to market to you.

You should be aware that any information you provide within your finger
information is voluntary and in no way required to access or play the game.
However should you volunteer this information it is visible to any logged in
user with the exception of your email address that can be obscured from players
by place a colon in front of it. If you do not want this information to be
visibile to logged in users you may remove it at any time using chfn and/or options.

Have fun and play nice