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Posted at Wed May 10 Title: PK Weekend Coming!


Like last year, there will be a PK weekend in the first weekend of June. This year, a skillcap of 350 will be imposed on all participants.

What does this entail, do you ask?
* All players can tag as PK and be reset to their normal status when the weekend is over.
* If existing PKs do not tag as PK, then they will not be PK during that weekend.
* Players who have tagged as (temporary) PK will be able to do all the usual PK activities except for inhumation.
* Players who have tagged as (temporary) PK will have all their skill levels capped at 350 until the weekend is over. This also applies during NPK combat.
* ONLY PK status is affected. This is NOT a no-save weekend. Everything you do does still affect your character afterwards!

We hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity to do some fun things that you normally wouldn't, and that the skillcap will help more players feel that they can be effective during the PK event. :)

P.S. This applies to the first weekend of June. That is NOT now. If you register as a playerkiller, it is entirely permanent. This news item only serves so that you can prepare!