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The Witches' Guild

 —where the wette hennes make the tea

Goodie Whemper's Definitive List of Well Known Tricks

Thee Reputation of Tricks

A witch who writes a Trick is likely to do so Secretly an' in Private so as to surprise her sister hags at thee Trials. After thee Trials have passed, however, she may frequently cast her Trick around others. Eventually thee Trick may become Recognised by those who have seen it a time or two (2). Tricks wot are Recognised are well on their way to gaining Notoriety.

Tricks wot become Notorious by virtue of bein' cast on Many Folks an' therefore well recognised start developin' Attitude. These tricks are likely to get Persnickety if anyone tries to nick their names. Because of their wide spread reputation, tricks wot are Notorious are cast more often by thee witches of thee Disc, an' are more commonly available in Shoppes, also. This is only True if thee witch who wrote the Trick in the first place hasn't kept the secret of it to Herself, of corsue.

A Trick wot gains too much notoriety will eventually become so well known and so big for its Britches that it stops associating with fellow Tricks an' grows up into an actual Spell. Whether there is Truth in thee rumour that Granny Weatherwax may occasionally teach these tricks to others I do notte know, but it is Possible given that she is too big for her mettyforical Britches when it comes to magick spells, also.

Thee Tricks of Reputation

Spells that once were Tricks

Tricks wot are Notorious

Tricks wot are Recognised

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