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This is a blog for informal commentary about the MUD - where it has been, where it is going, and where it is now.

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More On Top Mud Sites, posted on Wed Apr 1 20:31:28 2009
Posted by: Drakkos
Category: General
Our new voting period has begun, and last month was interesting for how often positions #2 and #3 changed. We prevailed for the majority of the month, ending at #2 with around 4500 votes, all thanks to you guys. It was hard-fought though, which added a certain spice - it's nice to see that our 'get out the vote' drive has inspired other MUDs to take an interest once more, and even nicer to see that despite Achaea's larger playerbase, we held onto our spot.

I want to thank you guys once more for your support of the MUD, and to gently and subtly remind you that if you want to ensure that we keep our position, then regular voting is the easiest way you can contribute to the long term health of the MUD. Remember there's an opt-in reminder available at 'options vote_reminder = on'!



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