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terrain room

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terrain room


terrain room - a room in a terrain


options personal travel


A terrain room is part of a larger collection of rooms that connect together and do wonderful things. They are connected together via a text map and allow larger areas to be mapped and navigated with relative ease.

There are two methods of getting through a terrain, you can either walk or journey. If you walk then you move one step at a time, if you use journey then you move multiple steps at a time. The default exit, as in the exit name without the 'walk' or 'journey' will pick either one of these two methods to use. The method chosen is set using the 'options personal travel'.

While in a terrain it is possible to see the adjacent rooms around you that are visible using the 'map' command. The map will display a small map on the screen allowing you to see the visible rooms around you.


> map
> journey northwest
> walk south
> options personal travel=walk
> s
> options personal travel=journey
> northwest

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