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print shop

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print shop


print shop - allows you to print several copies of books


print <book>
print <number> copies of <book>
claim copyright on <book>
print <book> in <language>
print <number> copies of <book> in <language>


This is a room help file.

Allows you to make print runs of different sorts of books. To print a book you will first need to write it by purchasing a blank book and writing in it with a quill. You can print off as many copies as you like of the book you wish. If you claim copyright on a book then no one else can print off a book that is the same or similar to your book. This means that you control the printing rights of the book.

If the print shop accepts it, it will print books into different languages.

The print shop will always place a fly leaf into your book which will tell when and where the book was printed.

Once you have finished printing the book you can collect the finished books from the collection office. The printing and collection services can be in the same or different rooms.

Please note: <book> refers to using "book" and not the book's title.


> print book
> print 12 copies of book
> claim copyright on book
> collect

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