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pawn shop

Discworld room help

pawn shop


pawn shop - buys items but gives you a chance to reclaim them for a price.


pawn <object>
reclaim <receipt>

buy <object>
list <object>
list [all]
browse <object>


This is a room help file.

Pawn shops will buy items from you, usually only ones over a certain reasonably high price. However, the difference between a pawn shop and a general store is that the pawn shop will give you a chance to get your item back. They're useful if you need money fast in the short term.

You use the pawn command to pawn your item to the shop. Your item will be exchanged for its value, and a Pawned Item Receipt. This receipt is very important - don't lose it, as it's the only thing that can get you your item back!

The shop will give you a time limit, by which time your item must be reclaimed. If you do not collect it by that time, your receipt will expire and become useless, and the shop will sell your precious item to recoup its costs.

Use the reclaim command to get your item back. You will need to be in the pawn shop that you pawned the item at, and have the receipt and appropriate currency to the value of the item in your inventory. The shop will also charge a percentage to return your item; this is usually 20% of the value of the item on top of the amount loaned, but will generally be on display somewhere in the shop.

Expired items appear in the shop's inventory. It works just like a general store, and you can list, browse and buy objects. The only thing you can't do is sell objects; pawn shops only accept objects for pawn. They don't buy them.


> pawn silver necklace
> reclaim receipt
> buy silver necklace
> browse silver necklace
> list
> list all

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