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Discworld room help



guild room - the place where you go to advance and join a guild


advance <skill>
advance <skill> to <level>
advance <skill> by <levels>
cost {primaries|all|all brief}
cost <skill>
cost <skill> to <level>
cost <skill> by <levels>


This is a room help file.

The guild is the place where you can join the guild and learn specific guild taught skills. The 'info' command will give you information about the guild before you join it, the 'join' command is the one that actually allows you to join the guild.

Primaries are specific skills that your guild will teach very cheaply to a high level. Every guild has a different set of primaries and you can see what they are by using the 'cost primaries' command. The various cost commands will tell you how much it will cost to raise your skills by various amounts, and the 'advance' command will actually raise your skills.

With all the skill names you can abbreviate their name down to the smallest unique match. For example, fighting.melee can be abbreviated to


> info
> join
> cost primaries
> advance fighting.melee
> advance by 2

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