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crop circle


Lancre Crop Circle


squint [at] <Unlucky Charlie>
remove <Unlucky Charlie> from pole
stick <Unlucky Charlie> on pole
gaze [into] <crystal ball>


Unlucky Charlie has the dubious honour of being the favourite target during both the Cursing and Trick competitions at the annual Lancre Witch Trials. This little field is where he lives in his off hours. "Lives" being somewhat open to debate, since he is a scarecrow, after all. On the other hand, over the years he's absorbed so much magic that he does seem almost alive at times. He's certainly convinced of it, at any rate, and, as with all things Headological, that's what counts.

This makes it possible to cast spells on him that you normally aim at people, and also spells you normally aim at inanimate things. He is especially lifelike when he's down from his pole and standing around but much less so when he's not, so be sure he's in the right place before casting spells on him. It's also possible to squint at him and get him to tell you what he saw, from the victim's point of view. Note that he's got a very short memory, but having any memory at all is pretty good for a scarecrow.

This little field was also the site of an unfortunate accident some time ago when Old Mother Dismass's broom ran out of fuel and she only narrowly avoided crashing into the Gorge below. She crashed here instead and her things scattered around on impact. Eventually her second sight will wander past that particular memory and she may come back to fetch them but until then her crystal ball remains wedged in the crater she left.

Owing to the detached retina in Old Mother Dismass' second sight, she frequently aimed her crystal ball at points in time other than Right Now. It was aimed at Just a Few Minutes Ago when she crashed, and there it's stayed. It's possible to gaze into it and see what happened here within the past few minutes. It seems Old Mother Dismass was doing research of some kind shortly before she crashed, because she's set the ball to only record spell casting.


> remove charlie from pole
You take Charlie down from his pole.

> squint at charlie
Charlie fidgets uncomfortably.
Charlie finally tells you: This is what I saw:
Tannah Wooten tries to whip you with a willow withe, but seems to miss on purpose.
Tannah Wooten draws occult runes in the air with the willow withe.
Tannah Wooten throws the willow withe high into the air.

> gaze into ball
You gaze into the crystal ball and see:
Tannah Wooten tries to whip Unlucky Charlie with a willow withe.
Tannah Wooten draws occult runes in the air with the willow withe.
Tannah Wooten throws the willow withe high into the air.
Tannah Wooten swears a foul oath.

> stick charlie on pole
You stick Charlie up on his pole.

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