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club control room

Discworld room help

club control room


club control room - allows you to control various aspect of clubs


create club called <name>
list clubs
list clubs with member <name>
list club <name>
vote <person> for <position> in <club>
nominate <person> for <position> in <club>
disband <name>
change <name> to elected
change <name> option {secret|open}
replace <number> insignia for <name>
replace insignia for <name>
recruiter add <member> for <club>
recruiter remove <member> for <club>
financials <name>
financials <name> account <account name>
description of club <name>
announce for club <name>
discuss [open] {description|add position|change position name|memo|secret|remove member|no confidence|remove position|create account} in <club name>
discuss committee {description|add position|change position name|memo|secret|remove member|no confidence|remove position|create account} in <club name>
withdraw <money> from <name> for <reason>
withdraw <money> from <name> account <account name> for <reason>
transfer <money> from <name> account <account> to <account> for <reason>
election force in <name>
balance [of] <club>
balance [of] <club> account <account name>
deposit <money> to <club>
deposit <money> to <club> for <reason>
deposit <money> to <club> account <account name>
deposit <money> to <club> account <account name> for <reason>
change [name] format of <club name> to <string>


This is a room help file.

This place allows you to control all of the aspects of your club. It allows you to create clubs, disband clubs, add and remove recruiters, set your description and all the financial activities.

Club insignias are the badges that people can wear which have all their club related commands on them. The cost of an insignia is taken from the players current money, not from the club's coffers.

If the club goes into remission for 2 pay periods then the club will be disbanded. If the club is not touched for 8 real weeks then the club will be disbanded. A club is considered touched if a member is added or removed, if an election is held or nominations are added, money is deposited into the account.

Clubs default to being founder controlled clubs, this means the founder has all the control of the club. Once a club gets over 30 members it can change to an elected club, in this mode the committee members of the club are elected to their positions. A new election will be forced by the Patrician every 2 Discworld years and an election can be forced 1/2 a Discworld year after the last election.

If the founder of a founder base club leaves the mud or is idle for 8 real weeks then the club will be disbanded.

Basic Commands

listThis command allows you to see all the clubs, all the clubs that a certain person is a member of and detailed information about one club.
createAllows the creation of the club itself. It will start off life as a personal club. Please note that the case of the name you use when you create the club is the case that will be used in all references to the club.
disbandThis will close down the club and remove itself from the records.
recruiterTo add or remove recruiters from the club.
changeAllows you to change some options of the club and the type that the club is.
descriptionAllows you to change the description of the club.
replaceAllows you to create new club insignias.
changeAllows you to change the capitalisation of your club

Financial Commands

balanceShows you the balance of all the club accounts.
depositAllows you to deposit money into one of the clubs accounts.
withdraw(Elected clubs only) Allows you to withdraw money from one of the clubs accounts (if you have permission to do so).
transferAllows you to transfer money between different accounts in the club. The main account is called 'default'.
financialsShows you detailed information about the transactions to and from the clubs accounts.

Voting commands

nominateAllows you to nominate people for a club wide election process. If you have been nominated, you can nominate yourself to accept the nomination.
voteAllows you to vote for a person in a club for a club wide election.
announceAnnounces a message to all the members of the club.
discussAdds a discussion item to the club. (This is also how to add a position to the club: "discuss add position in <club>")


> create club called Blue Jungle Fever
> recruiter add blue for fruitloops
> recruiter add jungle for fruitloops
> description of blue jungle fever
> transfer $20 in we care from default to fluff for caring about trees
> discuss add position in blue jungle fever

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