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bank - a place to hold all your money


open account
close account
deposit <money>
withdraw <amount> <type>
balance book


A bank provides a place to store money, safe from loss and theft. Some banks have branches in more than one area, ensuring you can retrieve your money in a different place than you stored it.

Banks will charge an administration fee (typically 5-10%) on deposits, with withdrawals being free of charge. This fee, however, may well be justified if it avoids you losing your life's savings next time you wander inadvertently into the Shades.

If you have multiple bank accounts in different institutions, you can use the 'balance book' command in a bank to request a bank book that lists all of your various accounts and the current balance. There is a small fee associated with a new balance book. To refresh the values, return to a bank and use the command again.

Additionally, if you apply for a job at a player-run shop, you will need a bank account as your wages will be paid direct into a nominated account. In this case, there is no administration fee on deposits.


> open account
> deposit 12 dollars
> close account
> withdraw 1 dollar

> balance book
> You ask the bank staff for a balance book and pay them A$5. A few minutes
later, they return with a freshly-copied booklet.

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