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Summon Fluff

Discworld ritual help

Summon Fluff


Summon Fluff — Brings you divine fluff from a better place


Summon Fluff allows you to beg your god for that most wonderful of substances, fluff. If your prayers are heard, a lump of fluff will be granted to you by a higher power.


> perform summon fluff
You concentrate very hard on the nature of fluff.
You ask Gufnork to grant you fluff.
Your prayers are answered, and you find yourself blessed with the gift of fluff.

> eat fluff
You eat a mouthful of the huge ball of orchid fluff. Mmm, delicate!

> hold fluff
You hold a huge ball of orchid fluff in your left hand.

throw fluff at Taffyd
You throw the huge ball of orchid fluff at Taffyd but miss.

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is only granted by Gufnork.

Gufnork also grants this ritual to His followers.