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Discworld ritual help



Stasis - Traps your target into a crystal sphere.


This ritual removes the target from your presence by trapping them into a sphere of crystal. You will need a prayer book and a block of incense to perform this ritual.


> perform stasis on Pinkfish
You recite one of the prayers from your prayer book, ending with a call for Gapp to protect you from Pinkfish.
The incense in your hands bursts into flames, filling the air with a thick blue-grey smoke. The smoke is caught up in a sudden gust and settles around Pinkfish.
You recite a list of Pinkfish's crimes against Sarduk, ending with a frenzied cry for retribution.
The smoke suddenly solidifies into a solid crystal sphere around Pinkfish.

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by Pishe, Gufnork and Gapp.