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Remember place

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Remember place


Remember place — Remembers a location to use in other rituals


The Remember Place ritual asks your deity to use a consecrated item to help you to remember a location so that you can refer to it later, when performing Divine Hand to ask for transport there. To perform it successfully, you will need a holy amulet.

An item can only help you remember one place at a time. If the item is already helping you to remember a place, and you want it to help you remember a different one, you will first need to visit a high altar and scour the existing place from it.

ITALICNote: the difficulty of this ritual is increased when using an item that weighs less than 1/9 of a pound; the smaller the item, the harder it is to remember a place on it.


> perform remember place on amulet
You recite the psalm of remembrance.
You chant something holy-sounding to fool the unbelievers.
You indicate your desire to remember your environment, with the help of a holy amulet.
You will now remember this place with the aid of the holy amulet.

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by all deities.

See also

scour, divine hand, far sight, modify memento