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Raise Dead Pet

Discworld ritual help

Raise Dead Pet


Raise dead pet — Raises a player's pet from the dead.


This ritual raises pets from the dead; yours or others'. Note that this ritual is performed either on the bereaved owner or on yourself, not on the corpse of the deceased pet. You will need a holy amulet, a holy symbol, and a prayer book with the prayer "Walking the Path" inscribed as well as a block of incense to trade for the life of the pet.


This ritual cannot be impressed as a ward.


> perform raise dead pet on pit
You close your eyes.
You light the incense and consider the animals taking the Long Walk.
You call back the spirit of a deceased pet.
Zali the mynah bird coalesces into existence, solidifying in the waiting arms of Brother Pit Veridicus.

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is only granted by Pishe.