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Discworld ritual help



Longsight — Lets you gaze upon other creatures from afar.


Longsight gives you a vision of the room where the target is standing. It requires a holy symbol consecrated to your deity to perform.


> perform longsight on sojan
You utter a quick prayer.
You cover your eyes.
You briefly see a vision.

This is a small, cramped room with a large, roaring fire blazing in the forge on the east wall of the room. There are various assorted tools of metalwork scattered around the fire and hanging on the walls, most notably the anvil in the centre of the room. The smithy is obviously very busy as there is a large, dirty order book lying open on a small desk near the door.
There is one obvious exit: south.
Sojan, Baldwin the Disemboweler MacAvrik and Baldwin's apprentice are standing here.
A cash safe is in the wall and a piece of embroidered tartan is hanging on the wall.

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by Gapp and Sandelfon.