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Holy Sacrifice

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Holy Sacrifice


Holy Sacrifice - Lends mental power through physical sacrifice.


Holy Sacrifice allows the priest to convert their physical endurance to mental strength, by offering their blood and hit points to their god in exchange for guild points. You will require a blade and a holy symbol to perform this ritual.


> score brief
Hp: 3690(3690) Gp: 583(763) Xp: 1087392

> perform holy sacrifice
You raise your arms towards the heavens, the stiletto in your hand.
Shaking slightly, you tense and then slash the stiletto across your wrist.
You grasp your holy symbol and pray for Sek to accept your blood offering.
The blood flowing from your arm is accepted as an offering and you feel more alert. You should probably "staunch" the bleeding when you are ready.

Some more of your life force slips between your fingers.
Hp: 3379(3690) Gp: 763(763) Xp: 1087711

> staunch bleeding
You manage to stop the surge of blood flowing from your body.
The flow of blood ceases.

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by Hat and Sek.