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Dust Devil

Discworld ritual help

Dust Devil


Dust Devil — Summons a whirlwind to fight on your behalf.


This ritual summons a dust devil to follow your orders. It will attack if ordered, though not the servants of gods. It will not protect or defend you. The number of minions you can control at one time depends on your skills. Performing this ritual requires use of a holy symbol consecrated to your deity.

Once summoned, the dust devil can be commanded using either 'ask' or 'order', depending on your preferred tone of voice.


> perform dust devil
You find it more difficult to perform dust devil because you are a creator. However, this is mitigated by the fact that you are a creator.
You raise your hands, and swirl them about.
You speak the holy word of Fish.
The wind picks up a bit and starts swirling. Dust and debris in the area come together to form an unbelievably large whirlwind of leaves.

> syntax ask
ask <object> [to] unassist [me]
ask <object> [to] follow
ask <object> [to] {kill|attack} <creature>
ask <object> [to] assist [me]
ask <object> [to] leave
ask <object> [to] focus on <creature>

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is granted by all deities.