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Divine Guard

Discworld ritual help

Divine Guard


Divine Guard — Impresses a ritual onto an object to protect it from theft


Divine Guard stores the power of a single ritual within an object, allowing a priest to protect it from theft. You need a holy symbol to perform this ritual.

After you have performed this ritual on an item, you will need to "bestow" another ritual into it.


> perform divine guard on watch
You speak a short prayer.
You point at a slim black watch.
Fish watches the slim black watch with interest, waiting for you to bestow a ritual.

> bestow major shield on watch
You chant quietly, clutching the slim black watch in your hands. You feel it take on a holy aura as the ritual of major shield moves to fill it.
You sense that the slim black watch is no longer waiting for your attention.

Gods granting this ritual

All deities grant this ritual.

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