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Divine Destruction

Discworld ritual help

Divine Destruction


Divine Destruction — Turns an item into a bomb.


Divine Destruction turns an item into a bomb which will explode within a few seconds, damaging whoever is holding it as well as destroying the surrounding area. You will need a holy amulet to perform this ritual.


> perform divine destruction on fluff
You say a sinister prayer over a huge ball of blood red fluff.
You call upon Herpentine Triskeles to infuse the huge ball of blood red fluff with His power.
The huge ball of blood red fluff glows with an eerie light.
> drop fluff
You drop the huge ball of blood red fluff.
> n
North of atrium centre [n,s,e,w,sw,se].
> n
Queued command: n
> n
Queued command: n
The middle of the northern cloister [u,e,w,s,n].
An enthusiastic priestess is standing here.
You open the north door.
The entrance hall of the Temple of Small Gods [n,s]
A bulletin board [ 22 notes ] is mounted on one wall.
You close the south door.
> n
The Street of Small Gods [w,e,n,s].
An annoying priest, a short dwarf warrior and a tall troll are standing here.
A street lamp is emitting a grimy light here and a wooden pole with a green note attached to it is casually placed here.
There is an earth-shattering kaboom from nearby to the south. The shockwave throws you to the ground, leaving your ears ringing.
Hp: 4098(5264) Gp: 483(495) Xp: 8751949 Burden: 20%

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is only granted by Herpentine Triskeles.