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Devout Inquisition

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Devout Inquisition


Devout Inquisition - Shows the priest how healthy the deity point pool is looking


When this ritual is performed, the priest will be given a rough idea of how full the deity point pool for their church is. The results will be relative to the maximum capacity for the deity, which varies between gods.

As well, it will tell the priest whether over the past week, they have made a positive or negative contribution to the deity point pool.


You close your eyes in serene meditation.
You silently pray to Sarduk to send you divine insight.
You humbly beseech Sarduk to enlighten you.
You understand that Sarduk's pool of available belief power is nearly totally full. So far this week, you have had no impact on the deity pool.

Gods granting this ritual

All deities grant this ritual.

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