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Creeping Doom

Discworld ritual help

Creeping Doom


Creeping Doom - Summons a swarm of insects to kill for you.


This summons a swarm of flesh-eating insects to assist you in harming others. It will not protect you, but will attack your enemies for you. To perform this ritual, you need a holy symbol, a prayer book, and a relic consecrated to your deity. A priest can only control one swarm at a time.

Once summoned, the swarm may be commanded using the 'order' command. Note that, unlike some other priest minions, the swarm may be fed the warm bodies of your enemies in order to attract more insects. As a warning, a large enough swarm may decide that the person ordering it around looks more delicious than dead bodies.


> perform creeping doom
You raise your hands, and swirl them about.
You speak the holy word of Sek.
You summon a cloud of insects.
Thousands of insects gather to form an unbelievably large black cloud.

> syntax order
Forms of syntax available for the command 'order':
order <object> [to] unassist [me]
order <object> [to] follow
order <object> [to] {kill|attack} <creature>
order <object> [to] assist [me]
order <object> [to] leave
order <object> [to] focus on <creature>
order <object> [to] devour <corpse>

Gods granting this ritual

This ritual is only granted by Sek.