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Discworld player help



wall stencil - a piece of cardboard you may use to stencil the walls of your player house


cut [stencil of] <object> in <object> with <object>
stencil <stencil> on <part> of <object> with <paint>
stencil <stencil> on <cardinal direction> with <paint>
set <stencil> capitalisation


Stencils are used to paint images on surfaces within your house.

They may be bought either pre-cut with an image, or you may buy a blank and use an existing object as a template to cut your own image into it. If you cut your own image, you will not be able to get as much detail as with shop-bought items, but you will be able to get a unique stencil.

You will need something sharp to cut the stencil, and of course something to cut around. The process attempts to interpret what you see, without any colours or shades, but results are not guaranteed to be useful - you may need to try cutting around several different items to get something you are happy with.

In order to use your stencil, you will need some paint and a sponge or brush.


> cut stencil of pale pink iron broomstick in stencil with scissors

> paint north wall with red tin

> stencil stencil on east wall with blue paint

This results in: "The north wall is covered with red paint on which is a blue stencil of an iron broomstick."

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