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You've Got To Move It, Move It!


By now you probably know the basic ways of moving around on Discworld. But there are some more advanced ways you should know about, including a few commands that will further help you explore the Disc.


Terrain rooms, which exist typically outside of cities and villages and connect them, are vast and expansive areas. There are main roads that traverse the many miles of terrain that can be found on Discworld, and it's often a good idea to stick to those. Terrains also have unique commands associated with them, "walk" and "journey". "Walk" allows you to move across the terrains one room at a time. "Journey" enables you to move multiple rooms at once.

You can use the "options" command and type "options personal travel" to set your default method of moving across the terrains (e.g. "options personal travel = journey").

Be careful though: at night, the roads are often populated by bandits, who will generally not give you the choice between your money and your life. Before you have the skills to cope, do not go out of the cities by night! Or, if you must, it might be wiser to avoid the roads.

Adventuring.Movement Skills

Some methods of movement require you to have skills to use them: magical methods of movement (see "Utilising the Arcane" below), and methods of movement that require adventuring.movement skills. In this section we'll focus on the latter.

Your adventuring.movement skills can be viewed by typing "skills adventuring.movement". These skills must be advanced (at your guild, from self-teaching, or by learning from another player) in order to allow you to use certain methods of movement. The higher they are, the better at using them you will be.

The different movement skills are fairly self-explanatory. E.g. the skill adventuring.movement.swimming would be used in rooms where you must swim. Adventuring.movement.climbing skills would be used to "climb" up or over various obstacles. Also, adventuring.movement.following skills will allow you to better "pursue" NPCs and other players, or to avoid them pursuing you.

Utilising the Arcane

Certain guilds give their members abilities that allow them to travel magically or faithfully across almost any distances in moments. Wizards, witches and priests all have forms of either magic or ritualistic ways to travel. Wizards are able to cast spells to get from one location to another, witches are able to fly on broomsticks, and priests can perform rituals to get from place to place.

Player maps

Several players have made maps of (parts of) the Discworld. You can find some of these in the atlas section of the Discworld page (found at in the "playing" menu), or in the player links (same menu).

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