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Healing - Ways to get your hit points back up!


When you get hurt - that is, you lose hit points, as you can see in your score and monitor - it could be a good idea to get healed. There are various ways of being healed on Discworld; here are the basics:


The slowest, but easiest method: your hit points regenerate automatically over time.


This is a method that any player can accomplish with the right skills, which helps regenerate your hit points faster. Bandage cannot be used during combat.

Healing Tea:

Witches can brew healing tea. These teas are usually available to everyone at some of the shops owned by players (for a price of course). Be careful when drinking tea during a fight, as your bottle could get smashed out of your hands.

Blue Water:

This is a rare liquid which has most of the properties of healing tea. It can sometimes be found around holy places.


If you choose the priests' guild you will get some healing rituals. With a different guild you can still become a follower of a god (except for wizards or witches, who don't hold with that sort of thing). If you are a follower of Gufnork, god of Fluff, he will eventually grant you the cure light wounds ritual. Followers of other gods can use faith rods, special items imprinted with a ritual, to heal themselves - although these have their own limitations. Performing rituals takes some skill.

Rituals can be used during combat, but will limit your combat actions whilst using them.


Players from any guild with a bit of magic skill can zap themselves (or others) with special wands that can be bought in some magical shops. This zapping can be done in combat, but takes a hand that you could otherwise use to hold, for example, a big sword.

Other Injuries

Some injuries can not be healed simply by getting your hit points back up. For example, if you have a broken leg, you will need to visit one of the Discworld's doctors, who can set it.

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