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Darkness - Surviving by night!


Since a large part of the day is, in fact, night, you should be prepared to find yourself in darkness sometimes. To avoid frustration (like getting lost and suddenly finding yourself in Djelibeybi rather than Genua, not being able to count your money, or see the thief willing to help you count), it is a good idea to always keep a light source on you.


Travelling anywhere on the Disc without access to a light source is ill-advised. Problems range from the simple frustrations of not knowing who/what is in the room with you to blindly walking into an area that you would not normally be seen dead in - so to speak.

Travelling outside the cities and towns has its own dangers. Not only could a drop to your death just be one step away, bandits operate mainly at night time, and they usually don't give you the choice between your money and your life!

Light Sources

There are many different ways of lighting the room you are in, most of which can be found in a light shop. The two most standard light sources are lightable torches and yellow stone rings. Lightable torches are very cheap but burn out. Yellow stone rings won't run out but instead drain your guild points.

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