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Discworld command help



crack - Crack a safe.


crack <object>


With this command you will be able to crack safes. It will cost you 45 guild points for each attempt. It uses the skill covert.lockpick.safes for determining your bonus. You will need a set of safe cracking tools, and the better the tools, the easier the task will be.

Successfully cracking a safe is the first of two steps needed to break into the safe. The second step depends on the type of safe you're working on. The information you extract from cracking the safe should lead to you being able to work out what further actions you need to perform.

Once a safe has been cracked, taking items from it counts as theft. Items taken from a safe in Ankh-Morpork will go on the thief's quota, or will be considered unlicensed theft if the person taking the items is not a thief.


> crack safe
You start to study the safe, making notes on its construction, the locking mechanism in particular.

See also

pick, probe, disable